Contemporary Bar Stools Adjustable

Bar stools adjustable designs are quite interesting for small spaces. Modern and vintage contemporary styles are available in different selections. The word “adjustable” means that you can do it to have it by yourself that indeed adjustable based on your need. If you are looking for the ones for less, then Amazon and eBay have [...]

Bars for Home

Bars for home – If your home is the center of the social circle to which you belong, then it is likely that the group frequency is quite entertaining. If this is the case, building your own bar in an appropriate area of ​​the house would be the perfect complement to the various parties and [...]

Modern Home Bars Design

Many people are interested in creating a modern home bars, one of the latest trends in interior design. Although some may be intimidated when choosing furniture and accessories create an attractive and functional bar is pretty easy. No matter your budget for decoration, there’s a bar style that you can afford and that will be [...]

Nice Simple Home Bar Ideas

Creates a nice simple home bar with western style and make a tempting atmosphere where you and your friends can relax and enjoy some tasty drinks. With some rustic details and decorative touches, you can take a bit of the Wild West to your home, live in the west or in any geographic location. Paint [...]

Chrome Bar Stool Modern Designs

Retro and modern home with contemporary decorating styles is perfect with chrome bar stool designs. Jackson and Bolton have impressive designs on sale for today. Unlike wooden bar furniture stools, chrome is quite stylish with elegant shiny and sleek look. Metal chrome is popular in modern contemporary styles and retro as well. Chrome is for [...]

Collapsible Bar Stool Black

Collapsible bar stool is a multi functional design that unique and attractive. Different designs are optional depending on your own ideas. They can also be called as foldable bar stools that available in short and tall selections. 33 inch bar stools are the most common pieces that available on the market. Walmart has best collections [...]

Ideas Small Bar Cabinets for Home

Small bar cabinets for home – It’s easy to create a space where serving drinks and snacks in an unused of a kitchen, dining room or living room corner. You do not need much space, but you’ll have to plan how to use every square inch for maximum benefit. You can build a cabinet bar [...]

Contemporary Home Bar Design

A successful bar creates a welcoming atmosphere and a safe environment within its four walls. Make the space cozier with lovely decor that makes the contemporary home bar a homely place to play, talk and that lends to the camaraderie. Use the local taste in decorating with photos of local celebrities, famous places and items [...]

Outdoor Steel Bar Stool Sets

Steel bar stool can make a fine addition to your kitchen both indoor and outdoor. Modern, rustic or vintage, the designs ideas are completely yours to decide. As a metal, steel is strong, heavy weight and durable to last long period of time. Stainless steel is a very good version that has anti corrosion just [...]

Retro Vintage Metal Bar Stools

Vintage metal bar stools are wonderful in styles. Retro, industrial and mid century have been most popular and favorable among all. We are personally in love with the vintage French bar stools that have been filling our kitchen space. They are counter height that indeed serve us all with a fine seating design. Metal legs [...]