Great Home Bars Design

Build Great Home Bars

Those who love the night life of the big city and make the types “bohemian” will love the idea of ​​having great home bars. It ‘very easy to choose a corner of the house and mount your station to reproduce or create new classic drinks based on the time of year, the weather and the fruit and drinks available. The bar is an ideal extension of the living room and [...]

Contemporary Home Bar Mixed Modern And Traditional

Modern Home Bar Furniture Ideas

The different types of modern home bar furniture ideas and restaurant require different types of furniture. However, all drinking and eating establishments need a few basic types of furniture to stay comfortable and adequately to its customers. Furniture for bars and restaurants are available in a wide range of styles to complement any decor. Modern home bar furniture ideas, the dining tables are a must for any restaurant that offers [...]

Ideas Small Bar Cabinets for Home

Ideas Small Bar Cabinets for Home

Small bar cabinets for home – It’s easy to create a space where serving drinks and snacks in an unused of a kitchen, dining room or living room corner. You do not need much space, but you’ll have to plan how to use every square inch for maximum benefit. You can build a cabinet bar with many various types of new or recycled materials. It can create a way to [...]

outdoor patio bar plans option

Outdoor Patio Bar Plans

If you plan to use your portion outdoor patio bar plans regularly and your patio or deck is uncovered, it may be a good idea to add a canopy above it. Awning can protect diners from sun during summer months and keep desk surface dry during rain and other inclement weather. Vinyl and fabric awnings are friendly to budget and come in a variety of colors and designs to help [...]

Awesome portable bars for home

Easy Portable Bars for Home Ideas

For many, having portable bars for home or breakfast in kitchen is necessary to invite family and friends. However, if you do not use bar often can take up valuable kitchen space, simplest solution to this problem is to build a portable bar with wheels. In this way, you can take it to site you want for dinner or cocktails, and back in place when you’re not using. When you [...]

Great bar furniture for the home

Creative Bar Furniture for the Home

Bar furniture for the home, is one of the latest trends in home design. Though he took a lot of bar furniture natural wood, to design a modern home bar has more flexibility as regards the material. Consider providing your bar with stools resistant plastic, brushed metal furniture or pieces of wood lacquered in bold colors instead of opting for the traditional bar furniture. Be creative with your bar furniture [...]

Tropical Hardwood Wine Rack & Liquor Cabinet

Wine Rack and Liquor Cabinet Ideas

Wine rack and liquor cabinet – Whether you are opening a bar where customers from outside come through your door or just looking to make your home bar it looks professional, there are some things you can do to ensure that you will be well organized and will allow you to serve your best cocktails quickly. When everything is in the right place, you will be able to quickly identify [...]

home mini bar design image

New Home Mini Bar Design

Home mini bar design – A minibar is a useful addition to your living room, allowing you to organize your spirits suitable vessels and other relevant bodies such as chips and nuts supplies. Minibar options ranging from small cabinets to complex assemblies that resemble professional bars on a smaller scale. You can find bars of all types and sizes on the market, but you can also create a simple minibar [...]

Cream Bar Stools for Sale

How to Bar Stools for Sale

Imagine a beautiful, rustic wooden bar built next to his in-ground pool, lined with four great-looking, bar stools for sale wood handmade. Measure the height of the bar to determine the height of the stool. Buy your firewood for their bar stools outdoor supply stores local wood. Oak values ​​is a good wood for purchase. Buy four long and narrow pieces of wood for the legs of each seat and four smaller further, [...]

Liquor Storage Cabinet Image

Build Liquor Storage Cabinet

A liquor storage cabinet is not just a means to keep your liquor, but it is also an easy way to keep it out of reach of small children. To build your own liquor cabinet, all you need is some plywood sheets and some wood screws. Directions to build liquor storage cabinet: prepare an outline of your closet design beverage storage. Measure the dimensions of the space you want to [...]